14 Dec 2011

What is type socile media optimization can be done?

Measuring Social Media Marketing :The ability to measure the effectiveness of marketing activities and calculating ROI is imperative to any company's marketing strategy. Social media marketing isn't as easy to measure as other online vehicles, but it can be done. 

If you've already identified your success metrics, then you're ahead of the game. Assigning monetary values to these metrics will help you in assigning an ROI value.
Depending on your success metrics, you might look at content consumption. Who's reading your content and where are they coming from?
You can also look at how much or little is being contributed and the number of visitors who are interacting with your content. Take a look at a click report to see how many people are adding you to social bookmarking sites like Delicious or StumbleUpon. Because most SMM campaigns are designed to drive traffic to your Web site, you should get a traffic source report from your Web analytics tool. For more information, see my columns on Web analytics. From those traffic sources that are coming from SMM efforts, look at unique visitors, page views, time spent on site, frequency of visits and conversions.
If you have a profile on LinkedIn, Facebook, or MySpace, you can always monitor the number of friends or profile visits you have to get a pulse on the vitality of your profile.

social content and channels of promotion provide abundant signals to search engines for improved visibility on standard, social and real-time search.

Tools for Social Media Optimization

Social media marketing is new trend in advertising and marketing where companies do business by using social networking sites. What started, as platform for people to share views and opinions is workings as a platform for brand promotion and making.

Forums can be considered the harbinger of social networking as these were in existence even before the arrival of social networking sites. Forums offer space to share views and opinions with like interest and inclination. These are beneficial for professionals and other groups where the member can enrich their knowledge buy sharing views and opinions on the given topics.
What started as a platform to express opinions, has become one of the major tools in social media marketing.
Microblogs are blogs in concise manner. The microblogging involves sharing personal information and a take on the current happening in the bloggers' area of interests. Here, social media marketers can use this format for the promotion of their businesses.
Image Sharing
Image sharing could be other tool for marketers. Here you can upload the images and send a link to all those whom you want to see these photographs. Flickr and Picasa are well known image-sharing sites.
Video Sharing
Another tool in the armory of social media marketers is video sharing. YouTube is the popular video-sharing site.
Sites meant for Professional networks can also earn big bucks for the companies and organization. Linked In and networking for professional are two major sites.
Social networking:
We are living in the age when facebook and Twitter have become opinion makers and hence networking on these websites can boost your business.

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