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10 Jun 2012

Urgent opening for SEO & SMO Executive Delhi


We have an Urgent opening for SEO profile for our client in Education Sector.

Experience:-3 to 6years

Salary:- 2lac to 4lac

Job Location:- New Delhi office :
C-2, Ground Floor , Ganesh Nagar
Near Janakpuri (East) Metro Station
New Delhi -110018, India

Key contact : Mr. Naveen Kumar
Tel: +91-9818694489, +91-011-43614912
Email Address :

Job Profile:- Experienced in using Google adsense,
ad words & website Analysis, Dev. & optimizing SEO strategies,
Performing keyword research & analysis for better ranking & to drive traffic on Search Engines like Google, Yahoo & MSN, social media optimization,
Responsibilities and Duties,

* Using web tools to track site traffic, rankings, and ultimately sales., * Identifying and implementing strategies for increasing site traffic through organic search listings without being blacklisted,
* Continually monitoring organic search rankings to increase traffic and sales,
* Analyzing website strategies and translating qualitative or anecdotal data into recommendations and tactics for revising the strategies,
* Creating and reviewing regular sales reports for various online sites and promotions,
* Researching keywords using Google, Overture, WordTracker and internal tools,

Interested candidate contact for details or send their CV with current CTC.,

Candidate have to himself develop the team, can take the challenge to establish the Net Marketing department.

Call at 9818694489 to arrange your interview.

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11 Aug 2011

SEO course syllabus


SEO Training Program

Course Syllabus  

Theory Concepts - Three Days: Step by Step explanation of all the topics as given below will be done with suitable examples:

Roles and responsibilities of a Search Engine Optimization Professional
• What characteristics will help you become a good Search Engine Optimization Professional?
• Some good websites to keep you abreast of the latest happenings in the SEO industry.
• Some characteristics that make great Search Engine Optimization Professionals.
• Ethical responsibilities of the Search Engine Optimization Professional.
Search Engines and Directories
• What are Search Engines?
• Types of Search Engines.
• How Search Engines work and how they rank websites based upon a search term ?
• What are Directories and how do they differ from Search Engines?
• Difference between Search Engines and Directories.
• What is Open Directory project and how can a listing in DMOZ boost my SEO effort?
• What is the importance of Yahoo directory listing?
• How do you submit your site to search engines/directories?
• How do you monitor the performance of your website in the search engines?
Introduction to SEO and what it involves
• What is the importance of search for websites and how can SEO save valuable dollars in advertising expenses?
• Which search engines should I concentrate on while performing SEO activities?
• Who can or should perform SEO activities?
• What are the areas of operation for Search Engine Optimization Professional?
Keyword selection and optimization strategies
• Keywords - the key to successful SEO.
• What is the importance of keywords in SEO?
• How do you search for the right keywords that will help bring in the most traffic?
• What is keyword density and how should you optimize keyword density for the search engines?
• What is keyword prominence and how does it effect the SEO efforts?
• How should keywords with two or more words be ideally placed within the webpage? What is Keyword proximity?

Images, Search Engines and Google Page Rank
• What is the effect of adding images in the webpage from the SEO perspective and how can you optimize images within the webpage?
• What is keyword stuffing and why you should avoid it?
• More about Google and Page Rank (PR)
• What is Google Page Rank?
• More on GoogleBot - Google's web crawler.
• What is the Google dance and deep crawling?
• What are Google Advanced Operators?
Tuning the Meta Tags
• What are meta tags and how do they help in SEO efforts?
• What is the Robots.txt file and how can it be used to pass on instructions to search engine robots?
• How do you create a Robots.txt file?
• What is meta refresh tag?
Important factors that effect the SEO
• What are the advantages of a site map for SEO?
• Should you use image maps?
• What is the best way to use splash or flash intro pages?
• How do you optimize Java script within your webpage?
• Solutions to improve the usage of Java scripts.
• How can you optimize the use of frames within the web pages?
• How can you use CSS to hide keywords in pages that are deficient in keywords and text?
• What is Site Popularity?
Good and Bad SEO Techniques
• What are Doorway Pages?
• What are Hallway Pages?
• Do dynamically generated pages such as with ASP get indexed by the search engines?
• What is Cloaking?
• Does Google prefer themed in-bound links?
• What are the reasons for which I could get penalized by Google?
• White hat SEO Techniques.
• Black hat SEO Techniques.
• In what ways could Google penalize me?
Link Popularity and Linking Strategies
• What is link popularity and how can it effect your search engine ranking?
• What are the important aspects of a links program for a website?
• What are authority sites and what significance do they have for sites linking to them?
• How can you get links from quality websites that will make a bigger difference in the SERP's?
• How to give a press release and get instant in-bound links and traffic?
• What tools can you use to increase in-bound links from other sites?
• Creating a network of your websites to boost your links program.
• What are link-filters in Google?
• Can reciprocal links be bad for your website?
• What are natural links?
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