17 Jan 2013

Working of Search Engines Strategies for 2013

Search engines execute several actions to provide search results: Crawling : Is the procedure of getting all the websites linked to a web site. A crawler is a software program that browses the websites and used to create copy of all frequented websites. This software is known as crawler or spider in case of google it is known as Googlebot. Indexing: Is the procedure of creating index for all the fetched websites and placing them into a database. The index is stored in index file, in which the search engine will find them.

Processing: The search engine optimization processes when request comes and compares the indexed pages in database.

Relevancy: Search engine determines the relevance of each of the websites in its index to the search sequence.

Retrieving: Search engines recover the best matched outcomes and display them in the browser. Two ways of doing SEO: 1.On-Page SEO 2. Off-Page SEO

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