18 Feb 2013

Google Search Engine Ranking Factor


Lot many different factors affect in on-page and off-page optimization to get high position in Google search engine result pages (SERP).

Some of them are very common to keep in mind while performing on-page optimization. It may give positive or negative effect if Google change their criteria. So its your duty to verify it before applying to your site.

Positive On-page Factor
  1. Keyword in URL
  1. Keyword in title tag
  1. Keyword in meta tag description
  1. Keyword in meta tag keyword
  1. 5-20% (for all keywords) and 3-5% (for single keyword) keyword density in body
  1. Use H1, H2, H3 for keywords
  1. Keyword proximity (for 2+ keywords)
  1. Keyword prominence
  1. Keyword in alt text
  1. Keyword in anchor text
  1. All page must be connected to home page at max. by 2 clicks
  1. Domain name extension does matter
  1. File size must not exceed 100k
  1. One or two hyphen in URL is not a problem, four or more hyphens is bad and creates spammy look, ten hyphens is spam for sure.
  1. Keep updating pages regularly
  1. Use minimum characters in URL, less than 100 is good. Less is even better.
  1. Google like large sites but not supplement machine generated pages.
  1. Old is gold. Google like old aged sites.
  1. New pages on old sites will get fast reorganization.

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